A Casual Encounter with Hardcore Queen, Adriana Chechik

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Shawn Alff

Adriana Chechik is nothing to fuck with. She recently had trouble booking male talent for gangbangs due to her reputation for wearing men out—groups of them—by forcing them to fuck her harder. Adriana is at the forefront of the hardcore scene, constantly stretching her own limits and the boundaries of the genre. I caught up with the DP Queen during AEE 2016 at the Evil Angel booth to reflect on her sexual development in and out of porn.

Alfie: In a previous interview you said the best sex you’ve ever had was in sixth grade with another girl. Is that still true?

Adriana Chechik: Well, it wasn’t completely sex. It was dry humping. No, that’s not true anymore. The best sex I’ve had was my triple anal because it was just an emotional, crazy, sexy feeling. But that was still probably the hottest sex I’ve had because I didn’t know if I should be humping a girl or not. I remember we made out so hard my lips were sore afterward. It was pretty fucking crazy.

Alfie: How long did you kiss for?

Adriana Chechik: It was probably an hour of dry humping and making out.

Alfie: Is it true you only had sex with one guy before getting into porn?

Adriana Chechik: Yes. I was scared.


Alfie: So you were stripping in Miami when you got recruited to do porn?

Adriana Chechik: Yeah. I was stripping at Scarlett's Cabaret. I was working there for about a month and some gentleman came in and was like, "I’m a movie producer." And I was like, "Oh, that’s great because I’m a really bad actress." And he was like, "Well, I know something you would be good in." I was like, “And what would that be?” He said, "Well why don’t you come to set and check it out?" So I went to set and realized it was a porno.

Alfie: You didn’t know it was porn before you showed up?

Adriana Chechik: No. I got to set. I realized it was a porno and I said, "You know, I don’t really have too many inhibitions or reservations about it so why not?" Then he immediately took me to get tested.

Alfie: I read that the only porn you saw before shooting—

Adriana Chechik: Was a gay porno. And I threw the computer off my lap in fear because it was so scary.

Alfie: How did you go from having only fucked one guy, to stripping, then having no inhibitions about shooting sex scenes?

Adriana Chechik: Honestly, I was just in school doing nothing. I was studying. I was a straight A student. I just wanted to have fun and get a little carried away in my life. I just thought it was a good idea and a good opportunity to do it safely.


Alfie: I'm assuming your first experience with anal sex was in porn?

Adriana Chechik: No. My first anal was when I lost my virginity. I lied to the guy. I told him I had had sex and that I had had anal sex before. He stuck it in my ass right after fucking my pussy and I came right away. I had never talked to my friends to know that anal was actually something that could be painful and hurt, so I didn’t have any fears or preconceptions. Anal has just always been good for me.

Alfie: Why did you tell him you had already done anal? Was it something you wanted to do?

Adriana Chechik: He was my best friend’s older brother and I just wanted to be cool. I won’t lie, I just thought it was cool.

Alfie: So you’ve always thought anal was cool?

Adriana Chechik: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alfie: I read that every time you masturbate you have fingers in your ass—

Adriana Chechik: Or a butt plug.

Alfie: Is that so that every time you have an orgasm, you associate that sensation with simultaneously having something in your ass?

Adriana Chechik: Yeah. I tell girls, honestly, if you want to learn how to do anal and enjoy it, that’s the best way to do it. Because your body gets used to that feeling, and it gets used to coming with that feeling, so you actually start craving it more and more and more. Eventually, having an assgasm is something that is learned. It doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s like when girls say they can't deep throat, then after a year in the industry they are taking eleven inch cocks in their mouth. You just have to get used to it.


Alfie: I’ve heard that it’s easier to deepthroat big dicks because they are softer and can bend more, as opposed to small dicks that are harder and ram your throat?

Adriana Chechik: That’s a lie. If you can deep throat, you can deep throat anything, damn it.

Alfie: The first time I heard about you was in GangBang Me with your triple anal scene. Do you think that has been the definitive moment in your career so far?

Adriana Chechik: Not at all. I think that gave me a big push. I think it was my first gang bang. I ended up doing double anal and double vag. That was for New Sensations. They said that was their hardest release in six years. And that was three months into the industry and I hadn’t even done an anal scene before that. So when that came out everyone was just blown away and I just have been booked and going crazy ever since.

Alfie: You said in GangBang Me that you weren’t getting gangbanged, you were gangbanging the guys.

Adriana Chechik: Yeah, I think that was the hottest part. If you watch the scenes, I am doing most of the fucking. I am kind of stuck in positions, but I am actually fucking them back the whole time, and that is more of the turn on. You’ll actually hear me in the scene, yelling at them, like, "Put more dick in my mouth. Put more dick in my face." I even yelled at one guy, “What the hell are you doing off camera? You should be fucking me right now.” Because I don’t like to emasculate men, but I like to control them and to make them dominate me through my control.


Alfie: I read about a scene where a guy was slapping you, so you started slapping him in order to get him to slap you harder. Is it that you push guys to push you harder?

Adriana Chechik: Exactly. Within the last year, when it comes to doing a scene, everyone’s like, "Oh, it's Adriana Chechik. I’ve got to fuck the shit out of her." So even if it's supposed to be a nice, normal scene, a guy comes in and just immediately tears my ass up. And I’m like, "You can keep trying dude, but at this point, I really don’t think you can." It’s funny. Now, it’s very hard to book gangbangs with me because I exhaust the men. I did a showcase for Jonni Darkko and we had a lot of cancelations because the guys know I am going to push them hard. I don’t want them to take a break. Once we start I’m not taking a break and if you're standing on the sideline I’m going to get pissed off at you because a gangbang is everyone involved. I think I intimidate most of the male talent nowadays.

Alfie: I’ve heard the difference between white guys vs. black guys in gangbangs is that black guys like to tag team and go slower, while white guys like to attack all at once.

Adriana Chechik: Yeah. It is always like that. I don’t know why. I think black men are freakier with their women in their personal lives. I don’t think they are freaks in a group setting. But if you get performers like Moe the Monster and Sean Michaels together in a group setting it is super dirty.

Alfie: I read that DPs are your favorite sex position.

Adriana Chechik: They are.


Alfie: Is it safe to assume one guy is never going to be enough for you?

Adriana Chechik: Well I do have just one boyfriend, but we actually have DPs and gangbangs in my life, probably two to three times a month. But I’m always good with toys too. I can cum luckily with one cock. But we use a lot of toys most of the time. I just like the sensation of being pushed and stretched in both holes.

Alfie: The guys you DP in your personal life, are they performers?

Adriana Chechik: Never. I never fuck performers off camera. I refuse to. I don’t want them to get the illusion that I like them. I just want to keep it business. I love coming to work and fucking you, then going home and having nothing to do with you. And you know what, you can find some really good guys on Craigslist.

Alfie: You do not use Craigslist to find guys. Like Casual Encounters?

Adriana Chechik: Yeah, Casual Encounters. Never for money. But you can find nice, normal guys who will even get tested with one or two days, though we obviously use condoms as well. I had a guy come over two weeks ago to DP me and he was a fucking accountant. Like the most normal, nicest guy ever. So, you know, that was pretty awesome.

Alfie: So your sex life off camera is crazier than it is on camera?

Adriana Chechik: At this point, I would say yes.


Alfie: What are you focusing on in your career at the moment?

Adriana Chechik: I’m trying hard to really make adrianachechik.com more of a personal experience. I want to make it more than just guys paying to see my scenes. I want my fans to be able to contact me via email and I will actually respond. I'm doing free webcam shows and free conversations. If you want to call me and have a conversation for fifteen minutes, we can do that for free. I want people to be members of my website, but I want them to be more than just fans.

Alfie: In studying your career, it seems like you don’t overthink anything. You just do whatever feels right and fun. You don’t really plan it out.

Adriana Chechik: Right, I don’t plan.

Alfie: When you get out of the industry, do you think it will just be on a whim because porn isn't fun anymore?

Adriana Chechik: No, I love MILFs but I just don’t aspire to be a MILF in the industry. I think there is a time and place to do everything. I have three years under my belt for biochem, so I would like to finish that and make prosthetics.

Alfie: You want to use biochemistry to make prosthetics?

Adriana Chechik: I was in bioengineering for two years before I switched to biochemistry. But you can make some really cool silicone for the top of those prosthetics. The team I was working for was looking into making silicone that can regrow itself.

Alfie: You want to make artificial, silicone-based life?

Adriana Chechik: Hopefully, or at least lay down the math for the next generation.

See Adriana Chechik's x-rated body of work at AdrianaChechik.com. Follow her on Twitter, @AdrianaChechik , and Instagram, @bratnasty69 

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