Danger-Ass Desires: On Set with Abella Danger

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We begin with Abella Danger’s ass. The camera starts with a tight shot of her backside as Abella struts onto set for her scene in Airerose’s My Wife's 1st Cuckold #2. Abella and her fiancé are consulting a wedding photographer played by Sean Michaels. Package deals are discussed. Clothes are shed. Abella fucks Sean while her on-screen fiancé jerks off in the corner.

For many men cuckolding porno seems as unsavory as romance novels. They don’t understand why a man would want to watch his wife fuck a more dominant male. These critics fail to appreciate the intimate relationship between jealousy and desire. This emotion is the manifestation of our natural urge to outcompete sexual rivals. Jealousy is the reason makeup sex is so satisfying. Cuckolding enthusiasts have simply learned to fetishize this complex emotion.

* * *


“I’m Abella’s fiancé,” a slight man named Marcelo says, introducing himself to me when I step onto set.

His high-pitched, Brazilian accent sounds vaguely Russian. As if to signify his total submission to Abella, Marcelo’s character is taking Abella’s last name; in the scene he’ll be referred to as Mr. Danger.

Marcelo offers his business card, which proclaims that he won “Sub of the Year” at the 2015 Femdom Awards. It also shows a picture of him naked at a convention taking a cattle prod to the balls. Playing a cuckold is perhaps the least demanding of his usual roles. In cuckolding scenes, he is paid to watch his screen wives fuck hyper-masculine men while he masturbates and fields insults about his masculinity.

Marcelo takes pride in his awkwardness. His submissive nature has allowed him to engage with some of the kinkiest players on the planet. Of course, this access to fetishistic sex partners comes with a price.

“Sometimes I feel like when I’m on set, everyone is like, ‘How can we try to kill Marcelo today?’”

Once, a domme accidentally threw a wine glass in his face, sending him to the emergency room blinking blood and glass.

“A few women legally have the right to kidnap me at any time,” he adds reflectively.

Marcelo fits the stereotype of a porn fan more than a performer. This is partially the reason for his success in the cuckolding genre. Men might have trouble picturing themselves as a cockstar like Sean Michaels, but most can identify with Marcelo.

“I’m the avatar,” Marcelo says. “I’m the regular guy. I’m the everyman. I’m invisible.”

He is the on-screen reflection of porn viewers sitting on the other side of the screen, masturbating.

“With a cuckolding scene,” Sean says. “It’s almost as important to get a strong sub as it is to get a sexy female.”

Sean embodies the role of alpha male. He sports Ray Bans and a white dress shirt completely unbuttoned. He, too, is no stranger to cuckolding scenes though—as the tall, well-endowed, black man, he always plays the stud called in to please the errant wife. But the stud is only one-third of the cuckolding equation. Fans of the genre want to see the cuckold humiliated as much as they want to see the female performer pleasured by the leading man.

“Do you have a chastity belt?” Sean asks Marcelo.

“Not on me.”

“I want to invest in one for you,” Sean says.

* * *


Abella Danger sits in the makeup chair, covering her chest as if worried I’ll see her nipples. She tells me how, in 4th grade, she got in trouble for playing with her nipples during class. She pinches them slightly as if warming them up for the scene. Her nipples are ultra sensitive today after shooting several rough scenes for Kink.com earlier in the week.

“When I first get to set, I always try to be sexy,” Abella tells me. “Then I remember I’m really awkward. That’s just who I am.”

Abella and I discuss the allure of her ass, which is outfitted in yoga pants and spreads over the totality of the makeup chair. Her butt was built by years of ballet training in Miami. I suspect the same desire that pushed her into the performing arts, to use her body to provoke applause, had a hand in thrusting her into the erotic arts. Abella says the only trouble with her ass is that it is so large, she constantly gets booked to work with huge partners, like Sean Michaels, as her ass eclipses average men.

At 19, Abella straddles the line between naïve and experienced. She looks like a mix between Barbra Streisand in her diva days and Baby from Dirty Dancing. She wants the makeup artist to apply as little makeup as possibly to preserve her youthful look, though she also wants non-waterproof mascara so the makeup will run during the scene. She wears Invisalign braces but speaks with a worn voice made deeper from screaming during her Kink.com scenes. Her body hair is so slight she doesn’t bother shaving her legs. She points out how she doesn’t have any tattoos because she wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. I ask if the Torah has any injunctions against sex workers being buried beside the chosen people. This question provokes a slight panic.

Abella un-cups her chest and buries her fidgety hands between her thighs. She tells me that as a little girl she started masturbating with pillows before graduating to the handle of an electric toothbrush. Then she moved on to a removable showerhead. A year ago, at 18, she started seeing a bad boy in Miami—her first and only boyfriend to date. She was partially attracted to him because of how different he was from everyone she knew. For one thing, he shot porn. She tagged along with him to set to watch him fuck other women. It turned her on. Eventually her boyfriend convinced her to perform with him. They shot five scenes together for Bang Bros. At first, she was disgusted by how much she liked shooting porn, but she quickly overcame her objections. She flew out to LA to pursue porn and was signed by Mark Spiegler two days after landing.

For all of her sexual experience in front of the camera, Abella claims she doesn’t know how to date off the set or at what point in a relationship non-porn performers have sex.

“What’s your sign?” she asks me out of nowhere.

She guesses five signs she wants me to be. When I finally tell her my sign, the truth disappoints her. She hates Aries. Abella is blunt in the way a child is, with no concern for social grace. She complements my eyes, then, in the same breath, says she hates my shoes and belt. I laugh, prompting her to say my laugh sounds fake. I can’t help but grin.

* * *

Her makeup finished, Abella removes her yoga pants and squeezes her ass into a dress as tight as a wet suit. In character, she struts onto set where Sean and Marcelo discuss the impending scene. Sean emphasizes how important it is for Marcelo to refer to Abella as his “teen bride.”

“Ting bride,” Marcelo says, practicing the pronunciation. “This is my ting bride.”

Abella takes out her Invisalign retainer then stands beside me, watching the crew situate their equipment. She plays with her nipples unconsciously.

“You’re making me nervous,” Abella tells me. “I’ve never done a cuckolding scene before. I’m usually not this nervous.”

She tells me about the head games she plays on set to calm her nerves. She tells me about a director she likes who is too professional to fuck her off camera. When she shoots for him, she gets off on making eye contact with him during her scene.

“I just want to make him so uncomfortable,” she says, catching my eye and smiling.

* * *


Sean calls for action. The camera follows Abella’s ass as she struts onto set. Sean and Marcelo are visual opposites. The short, pale, Marcelo wears a black button down shirt, while the tall, dark Sean is fitted in a white business shirt.

Marcelo instructs his “ting” bride to pose for Sean, to give him an idea of what he will be photographing at their impeding nuptials.

“Do you like what you see?” Marcelo asks Sean.

Sean’s character is stunned into silence by Abella’s ass.

“I think he’ll be perfect for the wedding,” Abella tells Marcelo, sounding like a spoiled bride plotting her extravagant honeymoon.

Marcelo’s character is submissive, but in a controlling way. He encourages his wife-to-be to seduce the photographer, though not exclusively for his wife’s pleasure. Marcelo’s character gets off on controlling his wife, on using his power over his fiancé to manipulate a man who is his physical superior.

“Honey,” Marcelo commands Abella. “Show him what you want.”

“I think I want him,” Abella says.

Sean’s character is hesitant. He’s worried Abella is the bait to wrangle him into a bisexual threesome.

“Don’t mind my fiancé,” Abella says. “He’ll just watch.”

Like Marcelo, I too am on the sidelines, watching. I hide behind my pen while Marcelo lurks behind his penis. Neither performer has trouble rising to the occasion. Few men would last long in this industry if they didn’t get turned on, at least a little, by the idea of other men watching them with envy.

Sean removes Abella’s constricting dress. She starts to breath heavy, almost as excited to be unclothed as she is to have Sean touch her. The lights are adjusted to illuminate the depths of Abella’s ass. Sean takes a breath before diving into her ass, face first.

“Why don’t you help your wife off with her shoes,” Sean tells Marcelo, feeding the cuckold the dominance he craves. “You’re just sitting there doing nothing.”

Marcelo removes Abella’s stockings and crams them in his mouth. While Abella gags on Sean’s cock, the men engage in a kind of gentlemanly dirty talk.

“Did you teach her how to do this?” Sean asks Marcelo.

“No, she had quite a bit of experience before I met her,” Marcelo says. “She can’t cook but she sure can suck cock.”

Abella spins strings of spit around Sean’s cock then deep throats it. She makes Sean pinch her nose. Mascara runs down her cheek and saliva drips from her lips. Sean leans down to kiss her.

Abella spreads out on the couch. Her thick, limber, dancer’s legs split, creating visual lines that draw eyes in. The action progresses. Abella rides Sean reverse cowgirl, inviting the camera to move in on the action. Her legs convulse as she bounces on Sean’s giant dick and spits on her pussy.

“I wish your dick made me cum like this,” Abella tells Marcelo. “This feels so much better than your dick.”

Naked, Marcelo sits sidesaddle on the couch, coddling his cock. He leans over, trying to get a better view of Sean fucking his teen bride. His glasses repeatedly slip down his nose. He licks his fingers to ease the strain of his vigorous masturbation.

I too lean forward to see around the camera crew. I am removed from the physical action of the scene but I still share the psychological space. I’m a stand-in for those who will watch this scene. Like most of those viewers, I get lost staring into the abyss of Abella’s ass.

Sean pulls out to cum on it. The camera zooms in. I look to her face, to catch her reaction. She has distant, dreamy eyes. For a moment those eyes meet mine. Her thick lips spread into a smile. I am one of the thousands of men who will stare at her from this side of the lens, imagining that she is doing all of this exclusively for me.

The camera slides over to Marcelo, sitting with his legs sticking off the couch at an awkward angle. He uses his own spit to stroke himself to completion.

“Mr. Danger!” Sean says in mock disgust. “You came on my couch.”

“I think you should clean it up,” Abella tells Marcelo.

“What?” Marcelo asks. “You want me to eat it?”

Before anyone can object, Marcelo gets on all fours and laps up his cum pooled in a crevice of the quilted cushion—feeding a kind of cannibalistic eroticism.

* * *


Abella appraises her appearance in the mirror while she swabs Sean’s cum off her ass with baby wipes. She looks at me in the depths of the reflection.

“Do a lot of porn girls flirt with you on set?” Abella asks.

“Some,” I say. “Phoenix Marie tried to strangle me once with an audio cord, though perhaps that was her way of flirting.”

“What are you doing after this?” she asks, fitting on her retainer. “Do you want to get sushi?”

I nod, wordlessly. I’m surprised, not just by the invitation, but by the fact that I am not particularly troubled that she asked me out while wiping off another man’s semen. In fact, if I’m being honest, I’m kind of intrigued by the idea that even though she just fucked a legendary cockstar, I am the one she wants to grab dinner with.

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