Fleshbot Exclusive Gallery: Darkko Productions/Evil Angel's "Roxy Raye Gagged 'N Gaped"

September 14, 2015 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown


Roxy Raye Asks to Be Wrecked

Evil Angel director and performer Jonni Darkko is a man who does right by a muse, and this time, his muse is extreme hard anal queen Roxy Raye. Raye is just so dirty and pervy here and oh, can she stretch wide, wide, wide open. She is a queen of extreme anal play, and Darkko is a man who captures and enjoys her doing her thing.  

Tiffany Doll joins her for some crazy fun with veteran performer Mark Ashley, plus there is a blow bang and just a ton of stuff of her with big, big toys in her asshole. It is quite a mind fuck to watch her and realize how many things she can do that most of us can't. She changes most people's sense of sexual reality once they see her work and it can seem seem surreal. I am such a fan of performers who go interesting places like this. Be sure you see this when it comes out.

All of the images here and the trailer appear here courtesy of Darkko Productions/Evil Angel.  Click right here to see "Roxy Raye Gagged 'N' Gaped" as soon as it gets released online!




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