Twenty Questions with Aaliyah Love

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Bubbly blonde Aaliyah Love started out as a web cam model and went from that to a girl/girl only porn performer.  Now, she is doing men and women on camera and is a busy, busy, dirty girl.  Love has had her own star showcase for Vivid--"Aaliyah Love's Female Obsession", works regularly for every major porn company and she is starring in the upcoming Will Ryder-parody "American Hustle XXX", playing the role played by Jennifer Lawrence in the original.  Her website was nominated for its excellence by AVN last year and she has her own line of signature tees for sale as well.  Here are her answers to twenty questions.

1) What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I was a dork in high school and I got made fun of a lot. I was pretty quiet and shy.

2) Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

Yes, I was a huge porn fan before I got into the industry! In fact, it really bums me out that I can't really watch or masturbate to it anymore, now that I know everyone. It just takes me out of the fantasy, so to speak. The way I used to watch porn is I would find a certain scene that turned me on, and there was usually a 2-3 minute part of that scene that really did it for me. I would fast forward to that part and just watch it over and over until I would cum multiple times. I would get obsessed with that clip for a few months, or until I found one that turned me on even more. Is that weird of me? I often wonder if that's how other people watch porn. I can't really say whom the porn stars I used to masturbate to are. They're all my friends now, and I don't want to weird them out!

3) What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

I’m lucky enough to have now fucked all of the guys on my "wish list". There are still so many beautiful women I haven't fucked yet! Lisa Ann, Skin Diamond, Penny Pax, The Starr Sisters (together or separately), and Kendra Lust all come to mind.null

4) Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?

Oh, I can't play favorites, sorry!

5) You seem to really love your fans and respond to your very large fan base a lot on Twitter. Tell me how having this fan base has changed your life.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my fans. I know a lot of porn girls say that, but in my case, it’s very true. I would have never even shot porn or made it to California if it wasn’t for my fans. It was my webcam fans, which were so loyal and encouraging to me that they started requesting me to porn companies. They helped to get my name out there and that made my career. So many of them have stuck with me and I still keep in contact with them to this day, ten years later! They have been so good to me and I can’t show my appreciation enough!

6) What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

I hate this question! I don't have just ONE position. It depends on the person I'm with, how I feel about them, and what mood I'm in. It also depends on how our genitals fit together. Plus, if you're fucking me right, we are going to definitely do more than one position! It's all going to feel good!null

7) What directors/studios have you most enjoyed working for so far?

I got my start with Twistys and then Girlfriends Films, and I will always be grateful to them. I always enjoy shooting glam stuff with photographers like Jay Allan, Tammy Sands, Dean Capture, Holly Randall, and Criss Strokes. Since I started doing B/G, Naughty America, Wicked, Digital Playground and Zero Tolerance have been very good to me. They’re all super fun to work with!

8) Tell us about your t-shirt line. How did that come about?

This wasn't the first time a company came to me proposing to team up in order to create a t-shirt line. It was the first time that I completely trusted a company enough to say YES! Meloncakes and I came up with some super sexy designs. I'm really happy with the t-shirts and the response from the fans has been incredible!

9) What are the best things about being a porn star?

Every day is a new adventure. I've NEVER had a boring or dull day on-set. Plus, getting paid to have mind-blowing orgasms, while fucking some of the hottest people in the World, is pretty exciting. I love my job. I wake up every single day asking myself, "Is this real life?"null

10) How was Vivid’s “Aaliyah Love’s Female Obsession” to make? What is it like being the center of a porn movie?

That was so long ago that I barely remember. My favorite compilation DVD that is out right now is the Naughty America one.In early 2015, I’ll not only get the chance to be the center of a feature, which will be all about me, but I will also be writing and directing it. I'm really excited about that!

11) What do you think is your hottest scene overall?

I couldn't pick just one because there’s many hot moments going through my head right now! I've shot over 30 scenes with Cherie DeVille and I would have to say a few of those have been some of the best sex I've ever had. The scenes I shot with Johnny Sins for Brazzers, when I first started doing b/g will always be special to me, especially because I wrote the script for the "Panty Thief" scene. That obviously is my fantasy. I just did my first orgy ever for Jules Jordan and that was an amazing experience! Of course, I have to say the hottest scenes I've ever shot have yet to be seen by anyone. I’m currently sitting on 42 never before seen scenes for the re-launch of!!

12)Can you share anything from the upcoming “American Hustle XXX”? You play the role of Roslyn Rosenfeld played by Jennifer Lawrence in the original.

Working on this movie was an experience that I will NEVER forget! I had seen the movie several times before I got the call from Will Ryder wanting me for this role. Roslyn was my favorite character from the movie, so I was blown away! I think everyone is going to absolutely love this parody. I put my heart, my soul, and my vagina into it and I think it shows. I did two sex scenes with Tommy Gunn and Tommy Pistol (I will fuck all of the Tommys!) and I had to put out an actual fire with a fire extinguisher, which I’d never done before. I just can't wait to hear what the fans have to say about it!null13) Who are your role models in porn and how/why do they inspire you?

My role models include anybody who has had a long-lasting career in this industry; it's not easy! The attribute most of these people seem to share is that they’re honest and genuine. You have to really love sex and have a passion for performing in order not to get burnt-out with porn. You also have to be someone who the industry loves and trusts, or you're not going to get hired. You can do that by being honest, professional, and trustworthy. I look at what some of the veterans, such as Lisa Ann, have accomplished in their careers, and I'm just blown away.

14) What do you most want to achieve as a porn star?

I just want to have fun with it! I’d like to be able to continue to explore my sexuality, push mine and others' boundaries, and continue to expand upon

15) What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

I recently saw “Maleficent” and although it may not be a perfect movie, I loved the underlying girl power theme. "True love's kiss", isn't from a man, but from another woman. Disney's “Frozen” is the same way and I love it. Hollywood is finally catching on to the fact that there are strong women who don't need a man to rescue them or complete them. We can do it just fine on our own!null

16) How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

Have you guys seen “Game of Bones”? I wasn't sure if I should masturbate or laugh my ass off! I think I ended up doing both! I also keep an eye on what Teen Fidelity, Ryan and Kelly Madison are doing. They have some really creative, sexy, sick and twisted ideas that I always think are fresh and exciting. I also want to see Wicked's “Underworld” and Axel Braun's “Snow White XXX”. In fact, I think I'll go order those DVDs right NOW!

17) Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

I can cum with my fingers or I can cum with a vibrator. I'm easy like that. ;)

18) If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices.

Give me two hours alone with Mark Wahlberg and I would rock his world! What girl hasn't fantasized about Dirk Diggler? I also think Anderson Cooper is a very sexy silver fox. I know he's gay, but this is just a fantasy, right? As for women, I have a crush on so many girls. Who don’t I want to fuck would be an easier question. Halle Berry, Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, and Mila Kunis all come to mind. 

19) What is coming up for you?

My first IR scene just came out for Elegant Angel, directed by MimeFreak. The “American Hustle Parody”, directed by Will Ryder comes out any day now. I have a G/G scene for We Live Together, shot by Greg Lanksy and that should be coming out soon. Naughty America just put out a DVD compilation of all of my best scenes that I’ve shot for them. I will also be re-launching very soon. We have been working hard to make it a fun and interactive site for the members. I’ve been working hard shooting what I consider some of my best scenes yet for it. I can't wait!

20) Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot? 

I love you all!!! :)

You can follow Love on TwitterInstagram and Tumblr.  All images here are from her scene with AVN Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara in "Corrupt Schoolgirls 7" directed by Bobby Manila.  Here's a clip.  Go watch the full scene by clicking here! 


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