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Nature Is Best When Nina Agdal Is Nude

From some there is nothing better than getting outdoors. Leaving the woes of the city behind, getting some fresh air, and really connecting with nature is all they need to recharge. As for me, I love the indoors. That's where all my stuff is, there are working bathrooms, and most of all it's where I can sit, relax, and look at Nina Agdal naked outdoors.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you really want to reconnect with nature, you have to be naked. Of course, I say that all the time because it I tend to be looking at super hot models and celebrities out in the woods and who doesn't want to see them nude in the great outdoors. I'm sure Nina Agdal is having a wonderful time and really does feel like she is one with nature. She can feel her soul soaking up all the fresh air and clean sunshine. Honestly, I'm feeling a little of that too, and thankfully I don't have to leave the house to do it! I do hope that Nina Agdal remembered to at least bring a towel, from what I hear nature can get pretty messy. Though seeing a nude Nina Agdal covered in some dirt and grass would probably be pretty sexy too.

Also, I hope that this nude Nina Agdal pic isn't the only one. I hope she wasn't just out in the wild for fun, I do hope there are going to more Nina Agdal nude in nature pics. We are going to have to keep our eyes peeled.

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