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Amber Rose Makes Sweat Sexy

By now we all know that pretty much everything Amber Rose does is incredibly sexy. There is no need to revisit this fact of life. So, let's just go ahead and enjoy Amber Rose soaking up some sun in a bikini. Seriously, how freaking hot is this? The answer, it's very hot, very hot indeed.

It doesn't matter if Amber Rose is posing for a magazine spread, taking part in a music video, or this is just her hanging out on a normal day. The why simply doesn't matter when you are as hot as Amber Rose. The only thing that truly matters is that we get to bear witness to the hotness of Amber Rose. Sure, it happens all the time, it's not like Amber Rose is shy about her hotness. She has no reason to be shy, she's hot and she knows it, might as well show it off. We all enjoy seeing it, it makes our days brighter and our nights more fun. Honestly, I can't think of what this world would be like without some Amber Rose hotness sprinkled in.

So, go ahead, enjoy Amber Rose in the sun. It's not that often that someone is so damn hot they make sweat look sexy. I mean, I hate sweating, I think most people do, but when Amber Rose does it, it's the sexiest thing any of us could ever do.

via Amber Rose on Instagram

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