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Another Step Closer to Topless Lily-Rose Depp

And so we continue down the path towards a topless Lily-Rose Depp. We have not made it yet, but my friends are one step closer. Yes, Lily-Rose Depp keeps on sharing her topless adventures and I'm sure one day (hopefully one day soon) we'll reach the end of the road to find a topless Lily-Rose Depp waiting for all of us.

Of course, I feel the need to ask if Lily-Rose Depp is actually at a nude beach? I'm only asking because this pic was taken from behind and she appears be covering her lovely breasts as if she doesn't want anyone to see. And yes, I understand the irony in someone taking off their top and not wanting anyone to see their breasts. But at the same time, we aren't done yet, we haven't walked all the steps we need to see Lily-Rose Depp's boobs. It may seem like it's taking awhile, but that's all part of the fun. Enjoy the journey, look around, take in all the sights, and by sights I mean Lily-Rose Depp's sideboob. We will get there, whenever Lily-Rose Depp decides it's time to reward us with the sight of her incredible boobs, we will be ready.

Nude beach or just regular beach, if you are hot enough you can totally go around topless. Lily-Rose Depp is definitely hot enough to go around topless whenever and wherever she wants.

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