"Cherry Blossom Girl"

January 20, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


More porno chic in mainstream media: the new video for French band Air's "Cherry Blossom Girl," directed by porn auteur Kris Kramski, tells the story of a young girl's journey (or descent, depending how you look at it) into the murky world of nude modeling and DIY porn shoots.

Air, "Cherry Blossom Girl" (Quick Time video @ Intairnet.org; streaming Real Media censored version available here, via Boing Boing)
See also: "Swimming Mainstream" (interview w/Kris Kramski @ Popsmear)
Kris Kramski Bio (Great Directors @ Excalibur, via Elastico.net)
Kris Kramski's "An American Girl in Paris" (review @ Unchain.com)
Kris Kramski Filmography (Wanted List)

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