Checking In with Adult Time/Girlcore Creator Bree Mills

October 29, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

It's Not Hardcore, It's Girlcore!

Porn creator Bree Mills' newest project is a phenomenal looking, 1980's-themed lesbian series called Girlcore which can be accessed on its own or through the Girlsway website. It's much more artistically rich than the work Mills has made with Girlsway shooter Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan) and Girlcore also has a decent amount of the decidedly perverted flavor of the work that Mills does with AVN Hall of Famer Craven Moorehead on the fan favorite Pure Taboo website. Girlcore is Mills' self-described ‘dream project’ that takes 1980s classic porn imagery and gives it a decidedly dirtier modern flair. The first season of Girlcore is available right now.


So how are you, Bree? How are things?

"Things are great! Extremely busy.… but I like that. I have the greatest job in the world!"

The new Girlcore series for Adult Time looks incredible. What inspired you most in creating it?

"I knew this project had to be special – it was going to be my gift to all of our lesbian fans, as part of their introduction to our new Masterbrand and member’s area. I haven’t directed a girl/girl project in over 2 years, so it was also a coming home opportunity for me. I’ve learned a lot since my early Girlsway features and I feel I’ve come a long way as a filmmaker too, so I wanted to take that experience and bring it back to this genre with something totally different. It isn’t a Girlsway project. It is its own original series and I wanted it to be my dream lesbian series.… so it encompasses pretty much everything that I love! Lesbian pulp plots, an all-star cast, ambitious production design and 80s styling, and the music of my favorite synthwave artist, Pilotpriest, who I worked with to license the music you hear in each episode. It took me 6 months to create the first season, which is pretty much unprecedented in traditional adult production, where producers are stuck feeding the update machine and often have to sacrifice quality for quantity. I want Girlcore to serve as an example of a new kind of adult content that feels much closer to what you see happening in digital television. That’s why I decided to binge release it all at once."

The lesbian sex that happens on Girlsway is so distinctive and yet still fresh to the eye every single time. How did you come up with this look of things with Alan?

"Alan really steers the ship for Girlsway at this point, so he has many techniques during the filming of our sex scenes. We take a lot of feedback from member comments on what they like and don’t like. We also try to stay true to what the girls like to do. For Girlcore, I really wanted the focus to be on natural, authentic lesbian sex. I told the actresses to have sex the way they actually have sex with other women, not just posing or performing. That’s why you feel a different vibe in a lot of the Girlcore episodes."

What did you find most challenging about creating scenes for Girlcore?

"The pre-production effort was definitely a new level for myself and my team. Since I wanted each episode to feel believably like the 1980s, it meant I had to focus on creating small but authentic retro spaces. Each episode takes place mostly within one location.… but that location needed to be designed completely to fit the period. Lots of research, calling around prop houses, and getting creative within our budget. But, it had such a big impact on the final look and feel of the series."

What do you enjoy most about your work?
"Since I write all of my own work, I think the most satisfying thing for me is seeing the idea that I had in my head be brought to life all around me. I watch the first episode, ‘A Delicate Vice,’ which was such a deeply personal story for me, and it brings me to tears to see how beautiful it turned out. That ending shot is something I have wanted to film since I was a teenager.… and, here it is, brought to life with such perfection by Kenna James and Cherie DeVille. That’s the greatest drug you can have as a filmmaker.… to see the movies in your head come to life!"

What do you think is the most important factor in making a great porn scene?

"The people you bring on set – both cast and crew – and your ability to inspire them to make magic."

How did you cast Girlcore? What were the factors that you kept in mind when you made this?

"Like I said – this was my dream lesbian series. It had to feature all of the actresses who I knew loved woman and have loyal followings with our lesbian fan base. Part of the reason why it took me 6 months to shoot this project was because I shot it around the schedules of the performers I wanted to work with. These women HAD to be in this project!"

What are you proudest of about how this came out?

"The passion the actresses took from their experience on set – you can see how proud they are of the final product and that enthusiasm carries over to their fans. That’s probably what I am the most proud of at the end of the day. Also, those ending shots!"

So what else is coming up for you? The Vivid news about you being the new creative force relaunching Vivid is pretty huge. What does it feel like to be in the driver's seat on that?

"It’s a tremendous honor and challenge to be leading production for one of adult’s most iconic brands. But, I share a lot of the same values as Vivid when it comes to content: respect and empowerment of talent, a focus on high quality filmmaking, and a willingness to disrupt the traditional rules of porn. So, I’m hoping to help carry these values into Vivid’s next era, with a refocus on the quality content itself. I’m also hard at work on our new Masterbrand and all the programming that will happen for it. We will be launching that to the public in January 2019!"

Is there anything you would like to say to your incredibly huge fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you, as always, for your support and your enthusiasm! #WatchWhatsComing"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlcore. Click right here to watch all of the new Girlcore scenes right now!

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