Is Sofia Richie Playing Sexy Dress Up?

October 24, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Sofia Richie's Sexiness Makes You Think

Few things were more fun as a kid than throwing a towel around your neck and pretend it was a cape. You could be a superhero, a vampire, or just some guy who wore capes for a living. Yeah, nothing beat dress up on a rainy day. Now, dress up is something we never think about anymore, but Sofia Richie has me wondering if maybe we should start thinking about it again. After all, it looks like Sofia Richie is having lots of fun playing sexy dress up.

Sure, these ensembles could totally be what Sofia Richie wears around the house when she's not got anything on her plate. That totally makes sense to me, when you've got the body of Sofia Richie why cover it up even if you're home alone. I think it's the red wig that matches perfectly with the red shorts and red bra that lead me to believe Sofia Richie is just hanging out, having a sexy good time. I have to say if Sofia Richie had a red mesh top to go with the rest of that red ensemble would have taken the sexiness to the limit. Might have even pushed us over the limit.

Whether Sofia Richie is playing sexy dress up or hanging out all sexy like, it really does make you think... about how sexy Sofia Richie really is.

via Sofia Richie on Instagram

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