Loving The Sci-Fi Beach Look, Kim Kardashian West

September 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Best Kim Kardashian West Bikini And Shades Combo Ever

Don't you love in old sci-fi movies and television shows that even the aliens wore bikinis. There was always something about them that I loved so much. Sure, part of is because I'm a nerd, but there is more to it. It's like bikinis really are kind of a universal language, just like math. If you think I'm sounding loony, then take a look at Kim Kardashian West in her neon green bikini and futuristic shades and tell you don't understand what I'm talking about.

I guess you could say this is just Kim Kardashian West doing what Kim Kardashian West does, she goes to the beach wearing the latest and greatest bikini style along with the newest and coolest shades, but I see it totally differently. I'm an homage to all the great sci-fi bikinis from all the great sci-fi shows of the past and really, this is something we need to bring back. I don't know if Kim is a fan of the genre, but she would make a pretty sexy alien or robot or cyborg or just regular ol' human in a bikini in some distant galaxy.

Look, I've seen Kim Kardashian West in many, many different bikinis and hundreds of sunglasses, but this combo right here is my all time favorite. Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to play some crazy sci-fi music and stare at Kim Kardashian West in this bikini.

via Kim Kardashian West on Instagram

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