Here's Our Monthly Selena Gomez Sexiness

September 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Will Selena Gomez Be Sexy Next Month?

Really it should be happening more often, but nevertheless getting a monthly reminder of Selena Gomez's sexiness is never a bad thing. She's looking sexy as ever and that one of the few constants in life that we can all agree is awesome.

Yes, it's not really a month until we've seen Selena Gomez be sexy and this time around it's in the pages of Elle Magazine. Who knows what it will be next month. It could be Selena Gomez being sexy in a music video. Perhaps we are in store for Selena Gomez being sexy on Instagram. Better yet, we could get another super sexy Selena Gomez photo spread from a magazine. We simply won't know until it happens, but we do know it will be super sexy. Until that day comes let's just all sit back, relax, and enjoy Selena Gomez being sexy. It really is a treat for all senses and the best thing we could all do for ourselves.

You know, I thought about asking what way is your favorite? What way is Selena Gomez the sexiest to you, but really there is no wrong answer there. She's sexy no matter what and that's why we love her so much. Well, that and the incredible cleavage.

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