Hooray for Head and Movie Night!

August 31, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Everybody Loves Great Head!

Meet Taurus. She also goes by "Nasty Taurus" which is a good thing since the "Nasty" part of her name keeps her from being mistaken for alt performer Taurus, maybe. Anyway, this Taurus is here in this clip and she has her hair back in pretty braids which keep it out of the way for the head that she gives a very well-endowed man here. I had never thought of the advantages of braids in that regard. Makes sense.

These two lovebirds had watched a movie together and the credits roll while she works away on his rod. She has super hand movement technique here. I love how well she works her hands on him while constantly keeping her mouth busy. Her man has a damn beautiful cock too. I love that movie night at home magic with the post-movie blowjob/fuck kind of an evening. I am seriously a homebody, though. These two definitely have a great thing going here and I hope that your Labor Day weekend is all kinds of the awesome that you want it to be.

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