Lele Pons Has Her Hands Full

August 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Hope Lele Pons Can Relax Those Arms Soon

I know it's kind of cliche, I know it's on the nose, I know it's the easy pun to make, but damn it Lele Pons has her hands full. I don't know where someone should help with those or she should just let it all hang out. I'm sure after all covering her awesome boobs can feel a little heavy.

Actually I'm kind of amazed at Lele Pons holding her own boobs in a lot of these pics. You have to admire her dedication and her workout plan. Sure, we have no idea if Lele Pons heads to the gym all the time, but one has to assume she does some kind of arm exercises. There is no way someone who hasn't been lifting weights could hold up Lele Pons's boobs. You need strong arms, strong muscles, and most of all a strong will. I'm sure Lele Pons has all of those. Still,  I do hope that she will have time to let her arms rest. You know after awhile your arms kind of feel like jelly. Sure, you want to keep holding up whatever you are holding, but you just can't. Sooner or later, you've got to let go.

Sure, Lele Pons in rather sexy one-piece suit is nice, she's got some awesome side boob going on. And of course we can't forget Lele Pons in a thong, she's got a nice ass to go along with those great breasts. Still, Lele Pons has her hands full so, let's all give her the strength she needs to keep them up.

photos via GQ Mexico

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