Lynn Shows Off Her Pregnant Tummy, Still Looks Yummy

August 9, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Lynn Is Gonna Be A Mommy!

Meet Lynn. She is an amateur porn performer from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and she is hella knocked up. Does that stop her from getting out her selfie stick, stripping down and playing with her pussy for our viewing pleasure? Heck no! Lynn is all about showing off how pretty she is looking these days, all pregnant and pretty. She has some struggle with the selfie stick here but hey, she is doing everything with a bun in the oven so cut her some slack!

Her nice round belly and her nice round butt look great here and she gives her pussy a quick rub since she is very, very wet down there. So many pregnant women that I have known have wanted to fuck a whole lot all the way through their pregnancies and I am betting that Lynn is one those women too. She looks just so good getting out of that underwire bra. She does not appear to be lactating yet but her body is definitely getting all kinds of ready for that.

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