Vanessa Hudgens Loves The Water, We Love Vanessa Hudgens In A Bikini

July 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

And We Really Love Vanessa Hudgens In A Bikini

Look, we all love a nice dip in the ocean on a hot day. Hell, it could be a kind of warm day and going for a swim with the waves and the fishes and the dolphins is always a nice treat. But it would seem that Vanessa Hudgens really loves being in the water. Almost as much as we love Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini. That's a lot of love people.

Now there might some concern out there that Vanessa Hudgens might drop her phone in the ocean, therefore rendering all future bikini Instagram posts null and void, but I'm pretty sure she was prepared for this situation. When you love the water as much as Vanessa Hudgens appears to, I'm sure she had a protective case or something covering her phone. There is no way Vanessa Hudgens is going to stop posting sexy Instagram posts, that's impossible. I'm pretty sure if she did drop her phone, it would magically stay floating inches above the water. The phone knows its importance and it would do whatever it takes to keep giving the world sexy Vanessa Hudgens Instagram posts.

via Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram

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