Happy Friday! Here’s Some Ball Torture!

June 29, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Hey, I hope you all had a super week but even if you did not have the greatest week, you probably did not endure anything like what this amateur porn performer chooses to do with his lady fair. I would call the hole in the table a gloryhole but really, there is no glory in what transpires in this clip. Maybe there is some for the hot blonde who does the beating up of the ball sack but I am not sure about that.

Her job here is to punish his ball sack and wow, she does that quite well. She slaps them and mashes them against the wooden edges of the hole. For me, it is all about her using his balls as a punching bag. There have been a fair number of men that I have wanted to do this to in my head but this woman gets to do it in real life. He wants a different kind of ball pain and that's when the clip ends. Don't we all want a different kind of ball pain? I mean, I don't have balls of my very own but I think you get me on this.

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