Sophia Bush Teases Being Topless

June 7, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Is Sophia Bush's Nude Debut Coming?

If I was to ask 100 people whether or not they hoped to see Sophia Bush topless, I'm pretty sure that all 100 people would respond; "Hell yes!" Well, she went topless at some lake (probably in the middle of nowhere) so, maybe, just maybe this is the first tease we'll get on the path to Sophia Bush making her nude debut. If one is brave enough to go topless in public, then why not on camera?

Of course, the decision is and always will be up to Sophia Bush on whether or not she goes topless in something, but if she did that would be one great day. It's logical to assume that Sophia Bush hasn't found the right part yet, the one role she feels like she has to take as an actor that requires nudity. It's something we hear all the time from actors, they are just waiting for the right time and place to get nude. Sophia Bush does her fair share of sexy moments so, maybe she's not ready to add the sexiest of all moments just yet. She wants to go, travel to new lands, get topless at lakes before she comes back ready to show off her amazing body to world.

Sadly, I can't tell the future. If I could, I promise I'd only use it for good, like to find out if and when Sophia Bush went topless in something.

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