Rina Ellis Gives Quinn Wilde The Ultimate Lesbian Rubdown Over at All Girl Massage

April 19, 2018 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

It's The Ultimate!

Sexy Quinn Wilde treats herself to a massage package at masseuse Rina Ellis' spa in their new scene over at All Girl Massage directed by Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan). Wilde definitely needs to relax and after a scalp massage from skilled professional Ellis, Wilde is definitely in the mind to try what Ellis has to offer. Wilde is nervous about taking her clothes off because she really only does that with her boyfriend but Ellis eases Wilde right out of her clothes.

Super hot Ellis is all about getting her face on Wilde's pussy here and she chats nervous Wilde right out of her panties. She gets Wilde to excuse Ellis' tongue on her toes during a foot massage treatment and eventually gets to rub and lick sweet Wilde's pussy just like she wants to....it's all part of the package. Ellis and Wilde are fucking fabulous together and Ellis definitely enjoys rubbing, caressing and eventually having sex with Wilde. Wilde gets a whole lot of rubbing here that she says that her boyfriend never gives her. Go check this out!

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