This Spanking Is Just Magic

April 16, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

It's Magic!

This hot, young brunette is walking around in this lovely, ass revealing bodysuit when she discovers this glamorous pair of black latex gloves on the bed that she shares with her husband in their bedroom. She thinks that he has left them there for her and that they are part of her Halloween costume. tries them on and revels in how lovely they make her hands and arms look. They are so shiny and lovely and they make her look super strong.

Well, our hapless heroine with the big ass cheeks is in for a surprise.It turns out that the gloves are enchanted by magic and that they are spanking gloves. What happens from there is that she can not stop spanking her big, round, exposed ass and she spanks both of her ass cheeks nice and beet red while she can't stop herself from doing so. Damn, she has a nice ass and I love how her pale ass looks turning nice and red here. She definitely looks so fine with those red marks on her. Enjoy!

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