Buzzing Away In The Bathtub Is Delightful

April 13, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Vibe Fun!

Here we have a lovely woman who deigns to share her solo bathtub time with us all and more power to her for that. Indeed, more power to her since she is using what looks like a battery-powered sex toy to get herself off. We do not get to see her face, which is totally fine with me. She deserves her anonymity if she wants it and if that makes her more likely to buzz off in the bath with us watching, I am even more into it.

I love how her body looks under the water. Check out how her small tits look and how those nipples are hard from the cold air in the bathroom on them. She is making quiet sounds while enjoying the feeling of having that vibrator right on her clit. She is such a sweet, shy solo masturbator with her quiet sounds and that sense of innocence. I could watch this for hours. There is something about how things change when she pulls the vibe away from her clit and shows us her engorged pussy that is so wonderful.

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