Brooke Burke's Bikini Body Is Bodacious

April 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Whatever Brooke Burke Wears Is Sexy

Man, I don't even really know where to start with Brooke Burke's super incredible body. It's in a yellow bikini and that is pretty damn amazing. It's in some red workout clothes and that's something worth writing home about it. Brooke Burke has an incredible body in every single thing she wears. Hey, I think that's a good place to start, with Brooke Burke's incredible body!

It's safe to say that Brooke Burke is the complete package. She's got great cleavage, that stomach is awesome, her legs are toned, and no doubt her rump looks incredible (even though we sadly don't get to see it in either of these pics). I'm not sure what kind of diet and exercise routine Brooke Burke has to do, but damn it, it works. Hell, I would dare to say it works better than any of us could have expected. I really do hope that Brooke Burke stops every now and then to admire the greatness that is her body. Even she has to be taken back by how incredible her body truly is.

Yep, Brooke Burke has it all and that's one of the reasons we love her some much. In fact, it might be the main reason we love her so much. Whether it's in a bikini or workout gear, she looks amazing. She would love amazing in a ski suit as well, just as long as it was skin tight.

via Brooke Burke on Instagram

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