Elizabeth Hurley's Bikini Pic Is Too Damn Hot

April 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

And There Will Be More Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Pics!

Well, we've reached critical mass here people. Elizabeth Hurley, probably my single favorite person on Instagram, has posted a new bikini pic. And it's not just any bikini pic. It's not just another bikini pic. This Elizabeth Hurley bikini pic is officially too damn hot. So, crank up the AC, throw on a pair of shorts, or get a tall glass of ice water because you are going to need to get cool after you see this one.

Elizabeth Hurley truly does understand the point the of Instagram. It's not to share food or sunsets or anything dumb like that. Instagram is really for one thing and one thing only, Elizabeth Hurley bikini pics. In fact, what Instagram should do is add in a provision in their terms and conditions that every single member should follow Elizabeth Hurley and then repost their favorite pic bikini. Also, Instagram should get rid of the whole no nudity rule because it's stupid. Anyway, back to the issue at hand, Elizabeth Hurley and her incredible bikini body. Of all the many, many, many bikini pics Elizabeth Hurley has shared with us, this one really does take the cake. I don't think there has been a hotter Elizabeth Hurley bikini moment in all of recorded time.

The crazy thing is, this might be the last too damn hot post from Elizabeth Hurley. She wears a bikini quite often and loves to share with the world (thank goodness for that). Maybe we should all start carrying a portable fan with us for the next time Elizabeth Hurley is way too sexy on Instagram.

via Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram

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