Have Some Nude Beach Fun With Nikki!

April 10, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Nikki Sunbathes!

Brazilian beauty Nikki sunbathes on a nude beach somewhere in Brazil and wow, she is hot. Nude beaches are a wonderful thing and wow, they make the world a better place, for sure. First off, there is nothing like the liberation of just peeling off all of your clothes, especially after a long day at whatever your work is, and just feeling the sun and the surf all over your bare skin. If you have not tried a nude beach out, put it on your to-do list immediately.

A bit about the etiquette of the nude beach gets explored in this clip of Nikki enjoying the sunshine on her fabulous body. It is never OK to jerk off that close to a stranger on a nude beach. Take mental pictures and use them for your masturbation fun at home. Also, give other people their space when they are naked. There is a guy who keeps positioning himself closer and closer to Nikki, who is definitely not there looking for Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now. Man, Nikki is just so damn fine, isn't she?

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