Kim Kardashian West Takes A Sexy Vacation

April 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Vacation Or Not, Kim K Is Always Sexy In A Bikini

To be honest, I'm not sure if Kim Kardashian West is on a sexy vacation or she's just on an every day sexy adventure. All I can tell you is for a moment, a brief moment, I thought she was paddle boarding in the nude. That would have made for one hell of a video, but her paddle boarding in a sexy bikini is nothing to shake a stick at.

Yeah, it's always hard to tell if Kim Kardashian West is working or taking a break. She wears a bikini so often one hardly knows what is going and you know what, I think we are all fine with that. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter all that much if Kim Kardashian West is wearing a bikini because she's doing a photo shoot or Kim Kardashian West is wearing a sexy two-piece because she just got done doing a photo shoot. As long as we get to see Kim Kardashian West in a bikini, that's all that really matters.

Just because I think we could all use a little downtime at the beach, let's say Kim Kardashian West is on vacation. We all look forward to her return to work, wearing sexy bikinis, in a week or so.

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