Ireland Baldwin Keeps Getting Hotter And Hotter

April 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Not A Shock, Just So Damn Hot

I might be overstating the obvious here, but Ireland Baldwin just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Everyone can see this, right? I'm not the only one picking up on Ireland Baldwin's increasing hotness, right? I'm not shocked by this discovery, just a bit taken by her incredible beauty.

And I guess she's just going by Ireland Baldwin now, we aren't using both last names. Whatever she wants to do is fine by me and you're probably cool with it too. Hell, Ireland Baldwin could use a fake name and wear a fake mustache and we'd be fine with it. As long as keeps showing off her hotness, we are cool with whatever Ireland Baldwin wants to do. You know, there's going to come a point in which Ireland Baldwin's hotness jumps up to a new hotness level, something we weren't expecting. That day is going to be magical and probably a little scary. I mean, her hotness isn't sneaking up on us, but it's growing by leaps and bounds with every new photo shoot.

I do wonder if Ireland Baldwin has the acting bug or not. I think she'll always be a model, but I'm curious to know if she'll take that hotness to the big (or small) screen one of these days. Guess we'll just have to wait with all these great Ireland Baldwin pics and see.

photos by Megan Batson

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