That's Some Mighty Fine Cleavage, Abbie Cornish

April 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Get Lost In Abbie Cornish's Beautiful Cleavage

You know those moments when you see something beautiful and it really captures you. For instance, seeing a great piece of art hanging on the wall or it could as simple as sunlight hitting the grass a certain way. Yeah, there is nothing better than being taken in by beauty, kind of like the way Abbie Cornish's cleavage grabs you and doesn't let go. That truly is some mighty fine cleavage, Abbie Cornish, mighty fine indeed.

And here's the best part; there's probably going to be more Abbie Cornish cleavage in the very near future. I have a strong feeling that this single photo is part of a larger photo spread. It's not from social media, it's a PR photo, it's not a random selfie; as far as I can tell. This Abbie Cornish cleavage pic is going to be part of a set. I don't know if the whole set is Abbie Cornish in this top or lingerie or whatever it is she wearing, but one can truly hope. We all might as well pad our calendars with a few hours here and there so when the rest of the pics do come out, we'll have plenty of time to get lost in Abbie Cornish's cleavage.

Yes, Abbie Cornish and her cleavage is a thing of a beauty. Go ahead and stare, you don't really have a choice in the matter. It's going to take in you and hold there for as long as it wants.

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