Get A View Of The Greatest Veggie-Loving Gape!

April 3, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Behold The Gape Gatsby!

With his buzzcut beauty of a mistress there to make all of the insertions happen, The Gape Gatsby is a submissive that I will not soon forget about. Holy heck, he can gape his butthole big enough to take some impressive girth inside of him. Look how easily his mistress' gloved hands enter and leave his accommodating rectum! This is a man who achieves the goals he puts before himself, people!

The theme of this scene is all about vegetables and really, who doesn't need more veggies in their life? Rather than sauteing them up in some olive oil, our man Gatsby takes them inside of him anally. His thoughtful mistress has his veggie selections all wrapped up in condoms and he takes a huge eggplant right up his ass with gusto. He goes on to take a particularly large zucchini in his epic asshole and then there is that bunch of celery that ends up in his butthole. The straight, unbending shape of that bunch just impresses me. Gift yourself some time with this veggie loving gent!

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