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egg hunt. #happyeaster 📷- @houseofbraid

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Aubrey O'Day Makes One Sexy Bunny

Growing up there was nothing better on Easter than those plastic eggs with prizes inside. Granted the stuff was usually cheap or just a single piece of candy, but still seeing all those eggs was a wonderful feeling. As we've all gotten older that joy we once felt at seeing plastic eggs has gone away. That's probably because we've never seen them in the shape of a heart around Aubrey O'Day dressed as a sexy bunny.

You know, I wonder if would be possible to build a giant plastic egg for Aubrey O'Day to hide inside. Sure, you'd have to make sure there were some air holes and all that, but can imagine the look on all our faces to see a giant plastic egg? Then opening it to find Aubrey O'Day with a cute little fluffy bunny tail inside? That would be probably the single greatest Easter of our lives. Though, if I'm being honest and you know I'm always honest with you beautiful people, Aubrey O'Day dressed a sexy bunny popping out of a giant plastic egg would be great on any day. I'm sure we can find some other holidays and random occasions for just such an event. If not, we'll make some up.

I'd be willing to even skip the egg part and just have Aubrey O'Day dressed as a sexy bunny. I'm kind of hoping she recycles this costume again when Halloween rolls around. She could totally pull off the sexy bunny costume.

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