Lea Michele Finds The Best Swimsuits

April 2, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Does Lea Michele Always Find The Sexiest One?

It has to be a skill, one that has been sharpened and focused over time. Or maybe she was born with this ability that has only grown stronger over time. It can't be dumb luck, it simply cannot be. Surely no one can just find the swimsuits Lea Michele finds. She always seems to know just want kind of swimsuit to wear to drive us wild.

While I want to call the one-piece swimsuit Lea Michele is rocking "cheeky" I feel that would be downplaying the awesomeness of it. Yes, it's very bright and no doubt would draw your attention on a crowded beach, but that's not what really draws you in. Lea Michele's total hotness burns brighter than any neon color. And yes, the fact one can see a fair amount of Lea Michele ass is another reason you can't take your eyes off her. Seriously, Lea Michele always, always finds the best swimwear that shows off her amazing body in the best possible way. Hopefully we'll get a view of Lea Michele from the front in this beauty, I'm very curious to know how her cleavage looks in bright neon green... at least I think it's neon green, I guess it could be yellow.

Whether it's a skill she's learned over time or an ability she's always had, Lea Michele is one of the best at finding and wearing swimsuits. From one-piece to bikini, she always finds what works... and by "works" I mean is sexy as hell.

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