More Naked French Rugby Players

December 3, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


By popular request, we're providing ordering information for the limited edition 2004 Dieux Du Stade Calendar and DVD: that's the one with the naked French rugby players, in case you forgot. (As if.) The only problem is that you'll have to pay international shipping fees for either if you're ordering from outside of Europe, and the DVD won't work if you're planning on using it on a player with North American encoding. Good thing our helpful source also pointed us to a site featuring images and stills from both. (Merci, Skip.)

2004 Dieux Du Stade Calendar
2004 Dieux Du Stade DVD
2004 Dieux Du Stade Calendar & DVD (Galleries @

Update: Australian rugby fans might want to consider this bulk ordering scheme. (Thanks, Chris.)

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