Do You Know We Can See Your Ass Katee Sackhoff?

March 27, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

This Is On Purpose, Right?

We all know hospital robes open in the back, we've all seen enough movies, watched enough television, and even worn them enough to know that no matter how hard you tie them they will open in the back. So doesn't Katee Sackhoff know she's showing off her ass? Is this a Katee Sackhoff selfie or a Katee Sackhoff ass-ie?

She has to know, right? There has to be a breeze or something to tell Katee Sackhoff that her rear end is exposed to the world. No one can deny that Katee Sackhoff is hot even when decked out in full hospital gear so a selfie of her is always a good thing, but... she has to know. Her ass in the shot, it's like clearly visible for all of us to see. She meant to show off her butt, right? This can't be an accident, right? We are supposed to sit here and thank the inventor of the hospital gown for allowing us to gaze upon the glory that is Katee Sackhoff's rear end, right?

Look, I'm all for sexy accidents, that's why we love accidental nudity so much, but this has to be an on purpose nude moment. Katee Sackhoff wants us to see her beautiful smile and beautiful ass, there's no way around... right?

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