Is Scout Willis Hotter In A Bikini Or Emojis?

March 24, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Why Can't We Just Have A Topless Scout Willis?

I have to come out and say this and I know it might cause a stir, but someone needs to say it... I hate emojis. Yeah, I get that they can be fun to send back and forth with your pals and all that, but when they are covering up the boobs of Scout Larue Willis, then they are the stupidest thing we've ever invented. 

Thankfully one doesn't have to emoji a bikini whenever they post on social media. I seriously will never understand social media sites cracking down on the beauty of breasts instead of all the other crap that people post. Scout Willis has some great boobs, we all know this, so why not let her show them off. Nothing against Scout Willis in a bikini, that's always a beautiful sight to behold, but if we had to pick between that and a topless Scout Willis... You know you can get dog ears, a bunny nose, funny hats, and such, I'm really surprised there isn't a bikini top emoji. Someone should invent that, probably earn a nice little paycheck from that idea. But hey, do everyone a favor and make it a mesh bikini top.

Sigh... social media can be great, emojis can be fun, but they simply can't compete with a topless Scout Willis. That's better than most anything else. Come on social media, get with the game and let Scout Willis be emoji free.

via drunken stepfather

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