Casey Calvert and Bree Daniels Have Some Lesbian Anal Fun Behind The Bar Over at Girlsway

March 20, 2018 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

It's On At The Club!

Sexy hardcore star Casey Calvert plays a super hot cocktail waitress with Bree Daniels working hard serving drinks behind the bar in their new scene over at Girlsway directed by Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan). It is a busy shift at this all women's strip club and Calvert and Daniels are working away keeping the booze flowing and their tip jars full.

Calvert decides to take a break and that break includes her licking Daniels' pretty pussy behind the bar where the clientele cannot see. Daniels tries to keep how good she is feeling quiet but eventually, all the club goers figure out what is going on underneath the bar and it becomes a show. They eventually take their encounter right up onto the bar to make it public for all to see and that is when the lesbian anal play begins. Wow, Calvert is so damn good at being anally opened.

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