Nikki Darling Gets A Lesbian Anal Cure From Helena Locke Over at Whipped Ass

March 19, 2018 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Nikki Is All Better Now!

Nikki Darling can't have orgasms with any of her partners and can only reach climax through solo masturbation so she goes to see doctor Helena Locke in their new scene together over at Kink's Whipped Ass website.

Locke is all about getting Darling off and she does so with a ton of different treatment methods. Darling gets bound with rope and ends up in suspension, gets her ass spanked beet red, gets her pussy fisted, gets her ass fucked wide open with Locke's trusty strap-on and has a clothespin zipper pulled off of her submissive, willing flesh by Locke. Darling is such a good sub and Locke really is all kinds of in charge here. It is one impressive lesbian domination session and it is totally worth your time. Go check it out!

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