Demi Rose Is Almost Too Damn Sexy

March 20, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Take a Breath and Enjoy Demi Rose Being Sexy as Hell

Honestly, I don't know what else to say, Demi Rose is sexy. Demi Rose is really sexy. Demi Rose in a see-through top and barely there panties is almost way too sexy. It'll make your head spin, you might need to sit down, be sure to drink plenty of water because Demi Rose is one hell of a beautiful woman.

As much as I enjoy cracking jokes and having fun, I can't this time. I have to be crystal clear and state the obvious: Demi Rose is really freaking sexy. The only thing that would make her sexier is if she moved her hair out the way of her incredible breasts, but then Instagram would probably explode. For some reason, they believe that Demi Rose showing off her incredible breasts would somehow offend someone. To me, that's like that saying I'm offended by oxygen. We need oxygen to live, damn it! And we need Demi Rose to be as sexy as she can be to live, damn it! Sure, it's getting to the point where Demi Rose might become so sexy nothing else will seem sexy, but that's a chance we are just going to have to take! Damn it!

Sorry, didn't mean to start yelling - when Demi Rose is looking this amazing, one's emotions tend to go on a roller coaster ride. Let's take a couple deep breathes and then continue staring at the hotness that is Demi Rose.

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