Fleshbot’s Sex Toy Of The Week: Wicked Sensual Care’s Ultra Silicone Lube

March 16, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Get Ultra Slick and Ultra Wicked!

If you prefer silicone lube for your sexual exploits, I definitely recommend Wicked Sensual Care's Ultra Fragrance-Free Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant. Silicone lube never absorbs into the skin so if you are a solo stroker, this is an excellent choice for that play. Always do a patch test on any sex toys to make sure that your lube is compatible with it. If you are lucky enough that Ultra is cool for use with your fave toy, you are going to adore using this lube.

A tiny bit of this lube goes a very, very long way and the pump on this dispenses a perfectly small amount of Ultra lube at a time so you won't experience a lot of waste. I love using Ultra lube for shower sex because if doesn't disappear under the spray like water-based lubes do. It is available in either a 4 or 2 ounce bottle and it is definitely a great choice to have around whatever size you get. I also love it for anal play. It is slick and fabulous and just a top notch choice in ever respect. Buy this!

Click right here to pick up your own bottle of Wicked's Ultra silicone lube right now!

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