Is It Like Wearing Nothing at All, Lindsey Vonn?

March 14, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Lindsey Vonn Is Always Sexy as Hell

One of the main reasons I sat down to watch the Winter Olympics every single night was because of Lindsey Vonn. She is one of these most accomplished athletes who has been through so much and yet she still has the drive to compete. That's something worth admiring. And yes, she's also very hot, and that's another reason to tune it. Yet, this Instagram post reminds me a bit too much of Ned Flanders and has me wondering if Lindsey Vonn's ski suit is like wearing nothing at all.

Now, I'm not trying to ruin anything for anyone, but that's what first popped into my head. So, sorry if I'm taking anything away from your enjoyment of Lindsey Vonn being sexy. I mean, I'm hoping to replace the Ned Flanders image in my head with this Instagram post. It's hot for multiple reasons. You've got Lindsey Vonn bending over in a skin-tight ski outfit, plus it's probably the moment before she races down this hill showing off her amazing abilities - that's all different kinds of sexy in one picture.

Hey, maybe you never watched The Simpson's, so you have no idea what I'm saying and that's great. But you should totally watch that show - it's awesome - and still enjoy Lindsey Vonn being sexy on the slopes. You know, I bet it is like wearing nothing at all, wearing nothing at all, nothing at all...


via Lindsey Vonn on Instagram

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