Take a Topless Five, Charlotte McKinney

March 14, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Kind of Changes the Meaning of "Smoke If You Got 'Em!"

If you're like me, you gave up smoking years ago, but every so often the craving hits. You end up standing outside with all those who still light up on their breaks just to remember what it was like. Well, get ready to find yourself weak in the knees for a puff because here's Charlotte McKinney having a topless smoke break.

Now, we really have no idea if Charlotte McKinney actually smokes, I would think she probably doesn't. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn she eats like a rabbit and gets ten hours of sleep a night to make sure she looks this beautiful all the time. But then again, you never really know. This image could be some metaphor on life or it could just make all us non-smokers want to take it up again because Charlotte McKinney looks so damn hot smoking a cigarette topless that we just can't help ourselves. Personally, I want to look away because I don't want to spend ten bucks on a pack of smokes only to cough for the rest of week, but damn it, it's Charlotte McKinney topless. One simply can't just look away.

While I want there to be more pics of Charlotte McKinney topless doing stuff, I'm also going to hope this is only one of her holding a cigarette. She's smoking hot without the cigarette. Yes, I made that joke up, shut up, I'm trying to go out for a smoke.

via Charlotte McKinney on Instagram

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