Only in Florida: That Nickname Stinks

March 12, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

Some Nicknames Leave A Stench

In my column Only in Florida, I'll be taking you down to the Sunshine State for the latest and greatest sex stories that can only be found in the craziest state in the union.

One of the best parts of any movie or television show about the mafia is all the fun nicknames they have. Same is true for any style of gangster movies. There's always a "Big Toe" and "Whispers" and "Crazy Eyes" in the group. Sadly, we don't live in a world where regular folks like you and me can have fun nicknames. One Florida Man decided he might want to lobby for a new nickname... Stinky Butt.

Yes, Jacksonville Police are on the hunt for Drayshadrian Hunter, better known as Stinky Butt. To be honest, I wasn't able to do any more research into his crimes due to the constant fits of laughter. Though from what I've learned from the movies, when you have a nickname like that you're probably the biggest bad ass in your crew. Or maybe you fart a lot. I don't know. Still, the crazy part about Stinky Butt is that he has to have been arrested before and when they asked if he had any aliases he told them "Stinky Butt."

And yes, while police searched for Stinky Butt they did bring in a canine unit.

Still, this is the second best alias for a Florida criminal to date. The best AKA is and probably will always be Dickface Johnson.

So, let Stinky Butt serve as a lesson to all the kids out there. Crime doesn't pay and proper hygiene is really, really important.

via Jacksonville Progress

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