We Could Use a Little More Maggie Q

March 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Many Tattoos Does Maggie Q Have?

As I sit here flipping through these pics of Maggie Q, I keep having the same two thoughts. First, Maggie Q is not only really sexy, but also really strong, which in turn makes her even sexier. Second, we could all use a little more Maggie Q in our lives. She's really sexy and having more Maggie Q sexiness in our days couldn't be a bad thing.

You can't tell me that you aren't feeling pretty good about your day (or night) now that you've gazed upon the hotness of Maggie Q. I'm feeling great. Feeling I could do a whole bunch of things, even though I probably won't because I'd rather spend my time looking at sexy Maggie Q pics. And can we talk about that tattoo on her rump? Well, I think only part of it is on her rump, but can we see the rest of it? What is it? Does it go up her back at all? Does she have any more tattoos other than the ones we see? If your mind isn't curious and ready to know more about Maggie Q, then maybe you need to look a little harder at these Maggie Q pics. Seriously, she's hot, and we really do need to see more of her, in every way possible.

Let's all cross our fingers and toes that we'll get some more Maggie Q in the very near future. I really do want to know what the rest of the tattoo looks like and any others she may have. And that means I want to see, I don't want to be told what they are.

photos via Health Magazine

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