Those Are Some Nice Rings Over Your Boob, Emily Ratajkowski

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Emily Ratajkowski Has Great Taste in Hand Bras

We have seen Emily Ratajkowski in bras of all colors, some with lace, some more see-through than others, and some that are barely there, but of all the bras she has worn in her career, I think the ring-filled hand bra is probably the best of all them. Yes, this hand bra really does bring out the best of Emily Ratajkowski's boobs.

While some might it be strange that Emily Ratajkowski would pick out what rings she wanted to wear before she put a top on, it makes perfect sense to me. Emily Ratajkowski looks amazing when he has no clothes on, so why not figure out the accessories first, that way she can spend more time being nude. Look, we all do things in our own crazy ways and for Emily Ratajkowski her crazy way might be doing things while nude. And there is nothing crazy about Emily Ratajkowski being nude. I love it, you love it, and I'm pretty sure Emily Ratajkowski also loves it. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Emily Ratajkowski was trying to create the perfect hand bra and there are actually more pics of her with different rings out there. Of course, if this is true then for the love of all things holy, please let us see those pics as well.

Emily Ratajkowski will wear many bras in her career, it's part of being a model and one of the most beautiful women in the whole universe. But nothing is ever going to be the Emily Ratajkowski ringed hand bra.

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