Jump for Joy, Katherine Heigl Is in a Bikini!

March 7, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

A Perfect and Perfectly Sexy Pic of Katherine Heigl

There are so few times when leaping from a standing position into the air to express your feelings is actually an acceptable thing to do that when the event arises, you take it. Katherine Heigl in a bikini is one such event. So get your jumping shoes on because we are all going to jump for joy for Katherine Heigl in a bikini.

While I wonder how many times Katherine Heigl had to jump into the air to get this picture, it was totally worth it. Calling something perfect puts a lot of weight on something, but this really is a perfect Katherine Heigl bikini pic. She's in the perfect bikini, at the perfect spot on the beach, and at the perfect moment in the air. It really is one hell of a perfect and perfectly sexy Instagram post. It's no wonder that it feels all of us with such joy that we want to leap into the air to express our happiness. Sure, you might not be in a position where you can actually jump for joy - not all of us have that luxury, so feel free to either delay the jump or just mentally jump.

Yes, Katherine Heigl in a bikini is a reason to celebrate in a way different than we normally celebrate. It's something magical and it deserves a magical reaction.

via Katherine Heigl on Instagram

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