Few Can Compete With Rita Ora's Cleavage

March 7, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Rita Ora's Cleavage Is Simply Wonderful

I have said it before and I will say it again until I can no longer fill my lungs with air: Rita Ora has some of the best cleavage around. Seeing Rita Ora's cleavage is a reminder that there is true beauty in this world and things, even when they look dark, can never be truly terrible. As long as we have Rita Ora's cleavage, there is a bright side.

Sure, some might say I'm overdoing it a bit and that's just fine with me. I get a little lost in the clouds whenever I see Rita Ora's cleavage. There's no point in fighting it - just go with it, get lost in the heavens that is Rita Ora's cleavage. I really don't think there is anyone out there who isn't a fan of Rita Ora's cleavage. There might be one or two people who just want to go against the crowd and say they don't much care for Rita Ora's cleavage, but really they are only lying to themselves. We all know the truth and the truth is Rita Ora has some great cleavage. The only thing better than Rita Ora's cleavage is Rita Ora's boobs. Though, I will say I wish we could see them a little more often than we do.

Still, Rita Ora's cleavage is something wonderful, something grand, something awe-inspiring. You don't have to get lost like me, but you do have to enjoy the sight of it. And I know you do.

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