More Shay Mitchell Hotness Now!

March 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Shay Mitchell's Hotness Is Worth Yelling

Look, I always try to keep my cool. I don't like to get all wild and crazy, start yelling like a madman at the simple drop of a hat, but there comes a time when that is justified. So, please forgive me as I run screaming through the streets because we need more sexy Shay Mitchell hotness like these pics and we need them now!

Man, I am just floored by the amount of hotness coming from Shay Mitchell. We've seen her hot many times before, but the amount cleavage, see-through tops, and arm bra action in these few pics has my soul aching for more, more, more, more Shay Mitchell. I don't know if we need to write letters or make some phone calls or pray to as many gods and goddesses we can think, but we need to do something. Shay Mitchell is upping her hotness and we must draw attention to it so we can get more of it. And I know that somewhere out there someone is just getting acquainted with the hotness of Shay Mitchell, these pics are the first ones they are saying and that has to be awesome feeling.

So, I'm going to go and lay down for a spell. Shay Mitchell's hotness and all this yelling I've been doing is really wearing me out. Though, I probably won't actually rest because when I close my eyes all I'm going to see is Shay Mitchell being all super sexy.

photos via Modeliste Magazine

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