Monica Cruz's Hotness Makes Me Feel Like Dancing

March 1, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Monica Cruz Should Dance More

I am never one to get up on the dance floor, even if that dance floor is the carpet in my living room and no one is watching. I'm pretty sure I have to two left feet and the rhythm of a drunken sailor. Yet seeing Monica Cruz licking up a sexy storm it makes feel like moving and grooving. Though I think I'll just do it mentally.

To be honest, and I'm always honest with you guys, I have no idea if Monica Cruz has any training as a dancer or if she's just doing this for this particular photo shoot, but I'd like to believe she does. Those high kicks and the flowing dresses look like the moves of a professional. Of course, Monica Cruz is professional hot and I'm sure that comes with all kinds of special talents and abilities. I mean, her hotness is making me want to dance and I never, ever, ever want to dance. If Monica Cruz does have some dance training, then maybe she can find a way to show it off a little more often.

If you are one of those people who can dance, even it's just average, please bust a move for us who can't. Let out all the crazy dance moves that Monica Cruz and her hotness inspires. The rest of us will just in the corner, staring at Monica Cruz's hotness.

photos via Women's Health Spain

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