The Bikini and Bullwhip Look Is Working for You, Charli XCX

March 4, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Crack That Whip All Sexy Like Charli XCX

There are some fashion trends that make no sense to me, like when someone wears plaid shorts with a striped shirt, I just can't get that. On the other side of that coin, there are some fashion trends that work great, but only for certain people. For instance, Charli XCX can really pull off the bikini and bullwhip look. Also, she might be the only one who can.

I don't know if Charli XCX is changing up her look or this ensemble is for some kind of sexy Indian Jones themed music video, but I do hope it's the latter. Charli XCX in a bikini alone is really great, but you add in the whip and all of a sudden the level of sexy has shot through the roof. Maybe it's the new element of danger or the fun sound the whip makes when someone cracks it or Charli XCX's awesome cleavage, but I'm hoping this look is here to stay. And sure, other people will try to pull it off, but the only one who will make it work this well will be Charli XCX.

Let's all keep our eyes out to see if Charli XCX is going to make the bikini and bullwhip look a thing. Maybe we should all say something encouraging to help her keep it up.

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