We Salute You Pokies!

February 27, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Are Pokies Better Than Cleavage?

Is it cold in here or is just the pokies? Yes, the pokies. Be they from cold weather, rain, or for no reason whatsoever, nothing could be better than hard nips. One could make the argument that pokies are actually hotter than cleavage or side boob or even pasties. One would be hard pressed to put up evidence to the contrary. Pokies are and always will be something worth celebrating.

For all of us there are certain movie moments that will never forget thanks to pokies. No doubt your mind is being flooded with moments of pokies. Even as I sit here I can't help, but remember Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man (2002) or Brie Larson in Digging for Fire (2015) and of course, none of us will ever, ever forget Jennifer Lawrence and her super hard nips in American Hustle (2013). It wouldn't surprise me to find out that there are certain celebrities who have two or three pokie moments that are everlasting in your mind. And one of the best thing about pokies is they can't be censored. So even if you're watching a network prime time show if someone has some hard nips, you going to know it.

Let's talk a long trip down memory lane and think about all the wonderful hard nip filled moments we love. And the next time you raise a glass or do whatever you do to celebrate, give some a little shout out to pokies. We salute you pokies!

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