AnnaLynne McCord Reminds Us She's Really Hot

February 27, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

And What a Sexy Reminder

While none of us ever doubted for a minute that AnnaLynne McCord wasn't hot, it's nice to get a reminder in the form of AnnaLynne McCord in a see-through bra. Also, AnnaLynne McCord in panties that don't quite cover everything is also a good way to remember that she is hot. Really, any combo of AnnaLynne McCord and lingerie is a winner.

Just as in life, there is some bad mixed with the greatness that is AnnaLynne McCord in lingerie. Well, maybe "bad" isn't the right word, but seeing AnnaLynne McCord not wearing a top with her back to the camera is a reminder that we don't have a topless AnnaLynne McCord scene. That fact is bad, it makes us sad, because to see AnnaLynne McCord's breasts would be rad. I have no idea if AnnaLynne McCord is planning on doing a nude scene, but one would hope that with a body like hers, she wouldn't keep it under wraps forever. If AnnaLynne McCord decided to do a nude scene, I'm not sure what film or television show she was in would be the greatest film or television show of the year. Just going to throw this one out into the universe and see if it sticks: I think AnnaLynne McCord would be great on GLOW (2017).

Of course, it's totally AnnaLynne McCord's decision whether to go nude or not. We all get plenty of AnnaLynne McCord hotness thanks to shoots like this. I'm sure we'll find a way to get by.

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