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Sophie Turner Should Wear All The Swimwear

By no means am I some kind of fashion historian and no doubt someone will tell me I've got it completely wrong, but Sophie Turner in this stripped one-piece bathing suit is giving off a 1940s vibe. And now all I want is for Sophie Turner to do more movies in every decade, on a beach, and in the right style of swimwear. How awesome would that be? The answer is it would be very awesome, very awesome indeed.

And yes, I want Sophie Turner to futuristic bathing suits as well. We might as well blast off into space and an alien beach part with Sophie Turner looking all sexy in whatever crazy swimsuits we'll be wearing in the future. Or you know, she could just do a Star Trek film or something and they could add a beach scene. The main thing is we get Sophie Turner, bathing suits, and beaches. Hell, that's what you could call the damn thing. It could be a history of bathing suit documentary, that's fine as well. Somebody call Ken Burns, I bet he'd get in on this.

Since none of us have enough sway in Hollywood to make this happen, at least we can enjoy Sophie Turner looking hot on Instagram. It may not be swimsuits from every decade, but it's still Sophie Turner and that is pretty great.

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